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musical fun

Real musicians and real instruments guarantee musical fun for everyone…

Little smashers

…with hands-on percussion, singing and dancing, little smashers love Bangers & Smash!

Active music-making, interactive learning


Little smashers love Bangers & Smash music sessions. We guarantee a fun musical time for everyone from 0 to 100 – with pride of place reserved for under-5s!

With hands-on percussion, singing and dancing, the emphasis is on active music-making and interactive learning. Songs and rhymes – old and new – form the basis for dynamic yet sensitive sessions and, while we never forget the joy of having a smashing time, our aim is to make music rather than noise!

Bangers & Smash provide regular and bespoke music sessions in nurseries, schools, children's centres and libraries across London. We also provide the entertainment at children's parties. Why not contact Cathy for a chat and a quote?


Real musicians, real instruments


Led by singer, guitarist and Early Years music specialist, Cathy Clethero, Bangers & Smash is all about live music played on acoustic instruments. While Cathy provides the bulk of Bangers & Smash sessions, co-founder, Sarah Allen, is occasionally to be found on flute and accordion.

Other special guests have included drummers, conga players, guitarists, cellists, saxophonists and trumpeters. If you have a favourite instrument, let us know and we'll invite someone along to play it for you!

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Early Years, a world of sound


Music is about making and listening to sounds. We use our voices and bodies to make sounds. We use our ears to listen to sounds. Music introduces us to a world of sound.

Music at EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) allows little smashers up to the age of five to explore the sounds they can make with their voices and bodies as well as with simple percussion instruments. Through singing, playing, listening and moving to music, they can express themselves creatively while learning about such basics as:

Pulse (beat)
Rhythm (pattern)
Tempo (fast/slow)
Dynamics (loud/quiet)
Pitch (high/low)
Melody (tune)
Timbre (what different voices/instruments sound like)

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